Andreas Heumaier

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Last night I lay in bed looking up at the stars in the sky and I thought to myself, where the heck is the ceiling…

Developed screening procedures and downstream processing. Great interest in structural bioinformatics, computer science chemistry and molecular docking. Pragmatist in software development with Ruby, Ruby on Rails, C++, Qt4. Currently fancy about system automation, puppet and large scale container virtualization.


  • Started originally with applied enzyme chemistry as well as downstream processing. Worked in 2008 at Codexis Inc., Jülich focused on the detection and process development for ketoreductases.
  • End of 2009, I moved to the Center for Bioinformatics in Hamburg for Master studies and was also responsible for running their HPC cluster alongside my studies.
  • Since I’ve finished my Master Thesis on distributed systems in 2012 I am working as a system engineer and consultant on topics like system automation, infastructure tooling and metrics-driven development.
  • Authors and Contributors

    Journal of Cheminformatics, Hilbig et al. 2013, "MONA – Interactive manipulation of molecule collections"

    Journal of Biotechnology, August 2012, “Improved processing of secretory proteins in Hansenula polymorpha by sequence variation near the processing site of the alpha mating factor prepro sequence”

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